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The Science of Habits 
Learn to create habits that make us live better and be successful

We offer lectures and mentorships where we explore the science behind how habits work in our brain, with the aim of giving people tools on how to create or delete habits in a simple and autonomous way.

  • Habits 101 - Definition of Habits from the perspective of neuroscience and its impact on everyday life.

  • Self knowledge - Importance of applying habits to aspirations based on clarity of objectives and life project, and study of habits based on identity and values. 

  • Role of Motivation  - Strategies on how to get more results in creating habits by decreasing dependence on the unstable nature of motivation, and the importance of small wins. 

  • Constancy and Celebration  - Importance of constancy and intensity in the installation of new habits, as well as the powerful effect of celebration in their creation. 

  • Importance of Environments and Anchors  - How to optimize the use of our environment and use existing habits in the effective creation of new habits. 

Tiny Habits Method Dr. BJ Fogg and Tiny Habits Academy

Our workshop is based on the behavior change method  calledTiny Habitsdeveloped by teacherdoctor Bj Fogg(Behavioral Scientist) for the last 20 years Behavior Change Design Laboratory at the University ofStanfordin the United States, and having impacted more than 40,000 people around the world.


 Arteteahis an official representative ofTiny Habits Academyin  helping more people and organizations to find transformation through small changes. 

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