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Areteah Human Development and Wellbeing

Wellness and Habits 

Helping our clients to have healthier and more productive lives from the understanding of the installation of habits in our brain, and their simple practice through small changes in everyday life.

Corporate Engagement and Well-being

Ajudamos líderes e organizações a aumentarem o nível de engajamento de seus  colaboradores mediante práticas  simples de psicologia positiva (ciência da autorrealização e bem-estar), possibilitando maior confiança, satisfação e melhor performance  dos mesmos. 

Life´s Purpose Journey for Leaders 

Guiding leaders on their journey of self-knowledge from a deep exploration of their purpose and essence, through the study of their life trajectory and identification of limiting beliefs for a more authentic leadership,  through a fuller and more satisfying life.

Serviços de Terapia

Flourishing and Well-Being via the PERMA(H) Model

Our work is based on the Well-Being theory of positive psychology via  the following elements:

P - Positive Emotions 
Clients and Partners
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