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 Journey of Purpose
for Leaders

We offer mentorships to help leaders  reconnect with their own essence by overcoming limiting beliefs and boosting their aspirations through their gifts and talents, thus increasing their effectiveness as leaders of themselves and their teams. 


  • Life trajectory and negative ancestry - Detailed analysis of customers' trajectory and understanding the impact it has had on their lives so far.

  • Limiting Beliefs - Identification of limiting conceptions and how they block the vital flow of prosperity in the clients' lives.

  • Transition to new life  - Building awareness about limiting factors and how they influence the direction of a new life. 

  • Discovery of pleasure and gifts and talents  - Tools to explore what brings pleasure and motivation, enhancing the discovery of gifts and talents repressed by beliefs.

  • self-responsibility map- Summary in guide format with formalization of purpose, positive affirmation, new habits, gifts and talents and goals for the coming months.

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